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Greetings from Serenity Circles!


First, thank God, the sponsor Serenity Portal, LLC, and you for being interested in attending the Love Ball over Valentine's weekend. 

Did you know that right here in the Lowcountry there is a growing number of Families with Children in need that are living in their cars or moving from one transient hotel to another unable to save enough money to obtain a stable place to live in order to move beyond their current circumstances and many are not eligible for most of the traditional social services for any number of reasons - (working poor makes too much to qualify for assistance but not enough to fully return to permanent housing, the shelters are full, or their circumstances do not fit grant measures for assistance) - or they have not sought services for fear of losing the very family that they are struggling to keep together and support? 

Serenity Circles seeks to reach out to families in need that have children currently living with them in these situation to assist those who desire to truly gain stability for themselves and their children. The children are the silent victims of tough economic times, family emergencies, job loss, fires, etc. The children are also the unsung brave warriors who have no control over their circumstances but get up everyday not knowing where they will be that night after spending the day in school along side other children who live in stable situations and never say a word hoping no one will find out.

Serenity Circles offers a new approach to providing support and its organizer has spent many years serving those in need and seeks to offer others with an opportunity to support families here in our community in tangible ways that changes lives and supports families. All Serenity Circles services are offered to the families based on the families willingness to abide by program requirements and the initial needs assessment/confirmation process

Serenity Circles' mission is building strong communities from the inside out through empowering every person to reach their full potential in caring supportive small groups that foster self awareness, personal responsibility, and the embracing of transcendental purposes in a loving, Christ Centered environment where Serenity Circles are key enablers to sustaining open communication and healthy growing relationships from the whole person perspective. 


    • Strong Communities require the talents of every member to successfully meet the Spiritual and Natural needs of all of it’s citizens.


    • From the Inside Out addresses the total human condition in all its beauty, both in darkness and light where hopes and dreams overcome hurts, habits, and hangups.


    • Empowering every person to find their own voice strengthens the contribution made to improving the collective voice of the community in meaningful ways that can stimulate positive growth and benefit the future potential of society.


    • Supportive Small Groups where focus is centered on Christ’s sacrifice for every individual showing the importance of self awareness and personal responsibility that leads to embracing ones own transcendental purpose for the betterment of our communities.


    • Serenity Circles, represented by the small groups, provide real, tangible methods to enable open communication on every topic without fear which allow healthy growing relationships with Christ and others to flourish.


    • Whole person perspective leaves nothing out, everyone is multifaceted, with a multitude of emotions, all common to the human condition, that require reconciliation to our beloved creator, God through Jesus.  


Serenity Circles' vision is to emulate God’s Word, God’s Will, God’s Way in every area of life as we grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit in God’s Timing and not our own.


The Vision of Serenity Circles and it’s supporting mission elements all begin with the end in mind. The end is eternity and not just tomorrow. Therefore, Serenity Circles mission and vision require the following 5 elements to be in place:


    • A cadre of loving people willing to open up their hearts, homes, and resources to form a growing network willing to accept Families with Children in need as guests in their homes to assist them with regaining independence.  

    • Small Group Leaders to volunteer with guest homes to nurture the Serenity Circles for Men, Women, and Children to aid with reinforcing life skills and spiritual development.

    • Volunteers to support Serenity Circles 3 R’s Retreats for Men and Women. (3 R’s = Rest, Release, and Restore)

    • Volunteers to support Serenity Circles 3 Seasons’ camping for youth. (3 Seasons’ age groupings = 6-11,12-14,15-17)

    • Constant flow of information on and access to Permanent Housing and Job re/training Networks


To aid Serenity Circles to fulfill the mission and vision above, support from the whole community is paramount to ensure stability is available for those that accept the end goals of their affiliation with Serenity Circles is not just a “change in circumstances” but a “changed life” that enables them to become catalysts for change within their “circles” of influence to continue the positive growth of our communities. Support in the form of prayer, time, talents, and material resources are critical to meeting the spiritual and natural needs of those willing to personally commit to the positive growth of our community. 

Therefore, Serenity Circles’ 1st Annual Love Ball is planned as the first opportunity to bring our community together in a loving, elegant setting to celebrate loved ones and to share love within our community through donating resources to support the work of accomplishing Serenity Circles’ mission and vision. Details of the Love Ball are as follows:


Who:   Serenity Circles

What:  Serenity Circles’ 1st Annual Love Ball

            Attire: Elegant Dinner Dress to Formal

Where: Radisson Hotel Charleston Airport

  Ashley Ballroom

  5991 Rivers Ave, North Charleston, SC

When: Saturday, February 12th, 2011

6:45 pm Guest Arrival and Seating

7:00 pm Seated Dinner

8:50 pm to 1:00 am Dancing and Door Prizes

Why:  Fundraiser supporting Serenity Circles mission and vision to assist Families with Children in need throughout the year by offering opportunities to gain permanent housing, personal growth, life skill development, and job re/training sources.


Get in the game!!!!  

The "LOVE BALL" game and support Families with Children in need all year long.


Click Here for Love Ball Reservations 


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